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Something breaking through the layer of democratic paint

The so-called sense of democracy

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Probably you have seen that man. Cold smile, haughty look, high chin. He is a Britisher and have a deep sense of honor. He is committed to a form of justice and centenary morality, only swung by the frantic pace of the new times. He has a deep sense of the democracy (not uselessly, UK is the cradle of the least harmful political system that the man has ever known). There are times when this man supports in decent face, despite he is really squandering your money in private benefit.
Does it turn out to be surprising to find a Briton embezzler, or not?

Where it was born, democracy also has dysfunctions. But there are decisions and reactions that make the difference: the resignation of a Speaker that had the position insured with life character, the approval of an urgent reform to prevent the Government from returning to commit abuses with the money of the contributors, the recognition of the mistake and the shame to the eyes of the people.

Finally, it turns out that the cliché has a real basis, and that the policies whom those who do not respect their voters continue being more in the southern part. There they still gulp without blushing.


Written by Desiree Garcia

mayo 22, 2009 a 5:33 pm

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